About The Company

Explicatos™ is a project based Service Provider in the field of Data Analytics and Data Harmonization with focus on Identifying, Profiling and Mapping Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Medical Experts (MEs) and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

We support our clients to keep all relevant and ready-to-use data at one place and have it accessible anytime, everywhere by using our innovative InSpire Platform.

Our mission is to build the Bridge between you and your most relevant medical Experts, especially while entering new markets!

Our Solutions

Project - based

Project scope and reach defined by key criteria, such as region, therapeutic area and indication

✔ Stakeholder identification navigating a modern, extensive and user-friendly database. Stakeholder profiling supported by a highly-vetted research process

Comprehensive global profiles, encompassing all important facets of the stakeholder’s professional life

Visualization and mapping of connections, collaborations and stakeholder’s network impact


✔ Perfect starting point for stakeholder identification and engagement

✔ Database exploring worldwide over 300 000 research studies and 100 000 Investigators

✔ Access to all investigators from the subscribed therapeutical area and region & Up-to-Date Base Data Profiles, Publications and Company Cooperation scores (for the top 30%)

Intuitive interface & real-time data extraction algorithm covering 15 different main databases worldwide


You have other medical related research projects? Our team of experienced researchers are here to support you all along the way

✔ Company Cooperation, Authors or Speakers research projects

✔ Partial subscription and mapping of the right stakeholders

✔ Profiling stakeholders defined by client's medical affairs department

Mag. Yanitsa Kazantseva
CEO and Founder

Yanitsa founded Explicatos in 2017 with the belief that innovation in life science can be achieved by giving a chance to new and bold ideas... 
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MMag. Viktor Karatanev
VP Product Development

Viktor is a strategic thinking and highly motivated team leader, focused on developing new intelligent solutions for Pharma companies and their products
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Thorsten Rothweiler
Head of Professional Services
Thorsten Rothweiler has a Graduation as Bachelor Professional of Business CCI (IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee). He started his Career at Roche Germany
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Product Demo

With InSpire Platform it is possible to gain a complete overview of your Key Opinion Leaders – what trials they are working on, their research and focus area, what companies they cooperate with, what experts they engage with and their impact in the community, their social media activity in all relevant channels like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

InSpire turns data into structured, real-time and ready to use information and helps you reach your goals.