Project Based Solutions: Stakeholder Identification, Profiling & Mapping

Prospective stakeholders are identified by navigating a modern, accessible and user-friendly database or by already selected by client relevant prospects. Further, stakeholders are fully profiled which enables clients to have an in-depth, holistic view of each stakeholder. Global profiles are comprehensive, encompassing all important facets of the stakeholder’s professional life. Key influencer statistics are gathered and categorized by focus areas, relevance of roles and geographic location. At the end, the clients are provided with a interactive view of each profile including in-depth network mapping and insight into the stakeholders’ professional pursuits. Results allow clients to visualize the strength of stakeholder connections and collaborations along with how stakeholders connect with their network. Please see more here.

Subscription Solutions

Subscription services offer to the client access to various comprehensive, well-structured and extensive databases, which accumulate data from key register and relevant sources all around the globe. The databases are interconnected and custom subscription solutions based on the correlations are also a benefit for the client. Our main Subscription Databases are Speakers, Investigators, Clinical Trials, Medical Events. For detailed information, please check here.

Why chose Subscription for Explicatos Database?

  • Accumulated information from various sources and registries in a standardized comparable format allows the client to save time, costs and effort.
  • Integrate information from different databases and benefit from the ability to analyze large sets of data and its relation to important elements using variety of criteria and combining requirements.
  • Visualize and analyze the relavant set of data and impove your KOL set identification and selection.

Who we serve?

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Market Research and Competitive Companies

Out-of-the-box Solutions

With Explicatos’s dedicated team of research analysts and consultants, no custom research request is too big or too complex to undertake. Explicatos’s structure, expertise and methodologies allow us to design a perceptive approach to balance time, cost, and analytics to meet clients’ requirements.

Along with the main Subscription Databases mentioned in the section above, our team offers to the clients customized databases that can be built per request. Such customized subscription solutions are Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, Medical Associations and Organizations, Patient Care Institutions. For detailed information, please check here.