Stakeholder Identification

Prospective stakeholders are identified by navigating a modern, accessible and user-friendly database. Develop a list of key influencers by narrowing down the global database to stakeholder focus area and region. Search results are further refined utilizing a proven methodology to determine which stakeholder is the best fit for the organization. Once the high-level, vetted research process is complete, clients are presented with the most relevant, up-to-date and accurate list of stakeholders.

Stakeholder Profiling

This is some text in a paragraphStakeholder profiling enables clients to have an in-depth, holistic view of each stakeholder. Global profiles are comprehensive, encompassing all important facets of the stakeholder’s professional life. Key influencer statistics are gathered and categorized by focus areas, relevance of roles and geographic location. Profiles also include more nuanced information such as stakeholder position on medical-related topics and pharmaceutical brand preference.

Segmentation, Mapping & Visualization

In-depth network mapping provides insight into the stakeholders’ professional pursuits. Results allow clients to visualize the strength of stakeholder connections and collaborations along with how stakeholders connect with their network. Analysis of network maps allow clients to be presented with an alternative view of information, often yielding an awareness of the most recent and subtle stakeholder connections.